Negai (a wish for Footscray)

Negai is an interactive installation art piece that played on the Japanese mythology that a thousand paper cranes will grant wishes and eternal luck.
Comprised of around 7,00 hand folded paper cranes strung in an explorable formation, Negai invited the Footscray community to share their experiences and hopes by adding messages on wish tags and attaching them to the structure.
The thousands of cranes on display created a vessel to transmit to the universe the collective thoughts, hopes and wishes of residents of the nine suburbs that make up the City of Maribyrnong.
Created by multidisciplinary art duo, The Tangeneers, Negai created curiosity, joy and community engagement in a public space via interactive art.

Check out the full One Night in Footscray program here!

Images courtesy of One Night in Footscray | Photographer: Shuttermain