About Steve Sumpton

I’m a contemporary photographer. I create images that use mystery to invite people to create their own narratives and see a new perspective. I play with colour and mixed light to exaggerate the ‘real life’ and bring simple concepts into focus.

I completed a Diploma of Photo Imaging in 2016, where I focussed on studio portraiture. I also showed some of my more conceptual work as a part of the Sonder student exhibition, led by Pamela Kleemann. I presented a series that asks us to consider the meaning of time for children seeking asylum in Australia. Since then, I have also shown work as a part of Kau-Written, and I have discovered a passion for communicating and connecting through my work.

With a background in commercial graphic design, photography has given me more freedom to allow concept to take the lead in my work, while still maintaining a strong emphasis on technique.

As a part of THROUGH THE SCREEN I am producing a series around the theme of identity, in particular the gap between self identity and perceived identity. This will be my first solo exhibition.